Miyazaki C.Kua .350 39
Miyazaki C.Kua .350 39
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The lightest shaft every played on the PGA Tour is preferred by players with a smooth transition in their swing.

Highlights: In play by Boo Weekly, Glen Day, Skip Kendall, Roland Thatcher, Chris Wilson and others, Balanced flex profile with a slightly softer mid tip section, Powerfil loading and release, Maximum swingspeed via our lightest True Tour UltraliteTM, Mid trajectory ball flight.

Miyazaki is a new, exclusive, graphite golf shaft brand forged from over 20 years of graphite shaft innovation and development for Japan's #1 Metalwood brand. Our advanced manufacturing facility has design and produced more ultra-premium graphite shafts than any other facility in Japan in the past decade. Though our advanced performance designs and technologies have previously only been offered within Asia, the launch of Miyazaki will make these precisely constructed designs available to discerning golfers everywhere.


The storm has arrived. Professionals across the globe are proving that lighter weight shafts generate speed and distance. The new C.Kua series pushes the limits of weight reduction while maintaining the flex profile and stability demanded by golf's greatest players. The new C.Kua Series is a True Tour Ultralite that will push your speed and distance to a new level.

ModelC.Kua 39C.Kua 39C.Kua 39
Length (in)454545
Weight (g)444547
Tip Diameter (in)0.3500.3500.350
Parallel Tip Length (in)
Butt Diameter (in)0.6100.6100.610
Flex Code Bending310152126424
Flex Code Torsion111311131113