Matrix HD Radix 5
Matrix HD Radix 5
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Matrix RADIX HD is here! With the RADIX HD, Matrix reinvents what a mid-priced golf shaft should be. Similar to the trickle down of technology in motor racing, the RADIX HD line has benefited from the application of the tour proven HD internal design. RADIX is Latin for “base” or “root.” The “base” for RADIX is the HD Design, giving RADIX HD the most advance internal structure technology in its class. Along with the HD internal platform, this design introduces a new approach to progressive Tip-to-Butt Ratio design. Unlike conventional designs, which do not increase tip stiffness as butt stiffness is increased, the RADIX HD introduces a unique design that guarantees the same tip-to-butt stiffness ratio throughout the flexes. Since the ratio remains intact, ball flight is progressively flattened as the overall flex stiffens.

The RADIX 7321 is a unique application of the RADIX technologies designed to meet the demands of modern tour players. Matrix OZIK fans will immediately recognize the RADIX 7321 as a close relative to the Matrix OZIK F7M2 and Matrix OZIK F7M2 STOUT, built on the advanced HD chassis.

In its first week on the PGA Tour, RADIX HD went into play with a PGA Championship winner. RADIX HD is ready to add stability and a new look to your bag. Be true blue.

Weight (g)
Torque (deg)
TIP OD0.3350.3350.3350.3350.3350.335
Length (in)464646464646
Parallel Tip Length (in)