Graphite Design Quattro Tech MD5
Graphite Design Quattro Tech MD5
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The launch of Quattrotech was so successful on the JAPAN PGA TOUR that it caught the attention of lower launch players seeking to experience the power and efficiency of ACI Technology. Graphite Design engineers listened to feedback from more aggressive swing tempo players preferring a MID kick and firmer tip. In the SPRING of 2008, the MD (which stands for MID) was first released to the US PGA TOUR along with the TOUR AD YSQ. The 46" firm tip MID KICK profile has raised the eye brows of the best players in the world. TOUR AD has not been promoted in the U.S. until this year. Now, players understand how the TOUR AD brand has dominated the Japan PGA TOUR for over 5 years straight.

The MD has ACI Technology in the tip to mid section of the shaft. It has a 4" parallel tip section for increased tipping options to fit "in-between" flexes. This shaft best supports the faster than average swing tempos and neutral to early release swings. There are 4 weight categories to choose from for the experience player from slow swing speeds to the 120+ mph clubhead speeds.

Weight (g)52-5552-5552-55
Tip Diameter.335.335.335
Parallel Tip Length (in)
Butt Diameter.600-.604.600-.604.600-.604