Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle
Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle
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The GD Throttle bend profile suits the accomplished golfer seeking a tour-like penetrating trajectory. The stiff tip and high bend point accommodates the "early releaser" or the "quick tempo power loader". Initial feedback from tour players describe the shaft as "a tight shaft you can load up without sacrificing smooth feel through impact". Further, the 47" design attracts long-drive enthusiasts that prefer an extended length driver for increased clubhead speed that will "stay with them". The weight ranges from 70-74 grams which is most popular for golfers seeking these performance attributes.

START YOUR ENGINES!! The TOUR AD THROTTLE has hit the streets!

The Tour AD Throttle features a raw length of 47 inches with a stiff tip, high bend point and low torque. This profile produces a lower, more penetrating ball flight and reduced spin without sacrificing Graphite Design's legendary feel through impact. The company's ACI technology, which weaves composite fibers, is strategically placed at the crucial power sections of the shaft for enhanced feedback. This combination with ultra-high modulus graphite is unmatched by any other similar profiles on the market and testers has seen ball speeds beyond belief.

The Tour AD Throttle boasts a bold orange color scheme and four unique flex designations - Turbo Charged (85-95 mph clubhead speed), Super Charged (96-105) Nitrous Charged (106-115) and Methane Charged (116+ mph clubhead speed).

Additional specifications include:

  • Weight (grams): Turbo 70, Super and Nitrous - 71; Methane - 74
  • Torque (degrees): Methane - 3.1; Nitrous - 3.2; Super and Turbo - 3.3
  • Tip diameter: .335 inches
  • Parallel tip length: 3 inches
  • Tip trimming: GDI recommends not to exceed 1.0" for standard bore heads
Weight (g)717174
Tip Diameter.335.335.335
Parallel Tip Length (in)
Butt Diameter.603.604.604