Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q 65
Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q 65
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The Tour AD shaft line has the ultimate combination of GDI's innovative Accuracy and Distance technology. On the Japan PGA Tour, Graphite Design has dominated the wood shaft brand count for 134 consecutive events. This includes all 29 events in 2006. Graphite Design's average margin of victory over the nearest competitor was 49 shafts per event. The Japan Tour's top two money winners claimed 17 victories combined. All TOUR AD Shafts are manufactured in Japan.

NEW FOR 2008!* The TOUR AD YSQ showcases Graphite Design's Axial Composite Interlace (ACI) Technology. ACI Technology debuted with the ultra-premium TOUR AD Quattrotech in 2007 and quickly dominated the JAPAN PGA TOUR. The YSQ features an overall firmer bend profile based off the acclaimed YS+ series with the supple smooth power for which TOUR AD is famous. This mid launch design is desirable by the avid golfer in search of quality engineering, performance, and reputation. The stunning cosmetics and the visible ACI Technology clearly elevate this unique offering above the rest. Visible technology, visible results. Experience the next generation of Pure Distance and Perfect Accuracy. The quest continues.

Weight (g)676767
Tip Diameter.335.335.335
Parallel Tip Length (in)