Graphite Design G-Tech Iron
Graphite Design G-Tech Iron
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Graphite Design is excited to release its first combination flex shaft. The G-Tech is offered in a black R/S Flex for woods and irons. The L/A Flex has an attractive gray finish. Custom club building enthusiasts have eagerly endorsed the arrival of G-Tech. The wood shafts have a .335" tip and the iron shafts have .370" tip. The graphics stand out among the competition and the exceptional playability lives up to the solid performance reputation Graphite Design is famous for.

The G-Tech Iron shafts are manufactured to 41". The raw weight is approximately 77grams for the L/A and 80 grams for the R/S. Each shaft can be fit to the necessary flex and length to accommodate a variety of skill levels.

Length (in)4141
Weight (g)7780
Tip Diameter (in)0.3700.370
Butt Diameter0.9590.600
Parallel Tip Length (in)6.06.0
Torque (degrees)3.53.5
Kick PointLowMid