SMT Encore 455 Driver Head
SMT Encore 455 Driver Head
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The Encore was born out of the long and arduous design process realized when creating the Spectrum. The Spectrum achieved more than expected in its debut, by becoming the Longest Driver on any PGA Tour for the 2004 season with a driving distance average of 330.9 yards—a full 18 yards longer than the next nearest clubhead.

We took that same design principle of extreme pure energy transfer that is generated through impact, and simply incorporated it into a clubhead of larger size. The Encore, at 450cc's—the second largest in the line—has been worth the wait.

The same full, 3-sided wraparound soleplate design of the Spectrum was retained with a couple of modifications and now the 'Big Brother' to the Spectrum already has a place waiting for it in SMT lore. This clubhead is made to simply bomb it! Nothing shy about this one. And, we even went so far as to make the paint a unique satin finish black—something no other component has ever done. This club will leave your playing partners yelling 'Encore.Encore' at the end of your performance!

Available in right hand lofts: 9°, 10°, 11°, 13°.
Available in left hand lofts: 9°, 10°, 11°, 13°.
Bore Depth2"
Diameter.335" Parallel
Face Angle (5 - 6 degree)0 degrees
Face Angle (7 - 8 degree)0.5 degrees closed
Face Angle (9 - 13 degree)1 degree closed
Face Height2 3/8"
Face Material15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium
Lie58 degrees
Weight198 grams